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Tifall® Men's Scissor

The nose and ear hair scissors are specially used products for these face parts. The tips of the scissors are rounded for safe and injury-free removal of annoying nose and ear hair. Also suitable for professional use, antiallergic and sterilizable. The precise processing of the forged scissors ensures long-term perfect cutting quality. With a screw connection both scissor halves are exactly matched to each other.

12.62 *

Tifall® toenail scissor - made of surgical steel

long shaped handles for convenient and easy use

19.45 *

Tifall® Safety Nail Nipper

Pliers with rounded edges and tips - cut nails without risk of injury

29.19 *

Tifall® micro-toothed universal scissors - made of surgical steel

Thanks to the one-sided micro-toothed cutting edge and strong leverage, even hardened, thick toenails can be cut easily and gently without slipping off. A quality product, adjusted by hand and individually controlled. With adjusting screw.

14.57 *

Tifall® buffer pliers nipper - made of surgical steel

Professional tool for foot care

Handy special pliers in surgical steel for foot care

26.27 *

New Tifall® corner pliers with double translation

Double translated for easy application

The corner pliers made of surgical steel makes it possible to cut even strong or deformed toenails with little effort. Due to the "double" translation, the pliers are very smooth. Especially for toenails our pliers are best suited.

58.44 *
Old price 77.93 €

Tifall® Head Cutter made of Surgical Steel

Head trimmers are suitable for use on all nails and can be used equally by left-handed and right-handed people. The curvature of the cutting head corresponds to the natural shape of the nail. The tapered cutting head allows precise work in problem areas. It is the indispensable tool for daily use in the pedicure and is also easy to handle for the layman.

29.19 *

New Tifall® skin pliers with scissor eyes - made of surgical steel

Cuticle pliers with ring handles for perfect cuticle care

9.70 *
Old price 14.57 €

New Tifall® manicure case made of finest cowhide leather, 7-parts

Fine nappa leather case with high-quality manicure instruments made of stainless steel for perfect nail care

58.44 *
Old price 87.68 €

Tifall® nail clipper with perforated design made of surgical steel

High quality nail nipper for perfect nail care

19.45 *

Tifall® nail nipper with double translation made of surgical steel

Double translated for easy application

54.54 *
Old price 68.19 €

Tifall® toenail scissor - made of surgical steel

long shaped handles for convenient and easy use

12.62 *
Old price 24.32 €
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